Flat Drop FTTH

Fiber To The Home FTTH

Flat Drop Cables - Fiber to the Home (FTTH)

Flat Drop Cables

FLAT DROP CABLES are engineered to withstand the most demanding environmental conditions.

Designed to enter many building types – a single-family home, a multiple tenant unit (MTU), a multiple dwelling unit (MDU), or an office building.

Flat Drop cables provide speed of deployment as installers simply choose the next-higher standard length and then store any slack.

Available with a copper toning conductor for detection.

Hardened Supertap connectors are compatible with the Optitap.

Multiport Service Terminals (MST)

The enclosure is a distributed solution for outdoor use. MSTs are easy to operate and can be used for wall-mounting, aerial installation, pole installations, and other applications.

MST enclosures are used in FTTH and other harsh environments.

MST provides fast, easy connections and splitter functionality in one low-profile housing.


PUSHABLES are a miniaturized small form connector and Microcore 3mm cable system that fits into tight locations so that installers can make small holes when passing drops and conduit through walls and other structures

Pushables are peelable and can be stapled for fast and easy securing of cables.

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Flat Drop 7MM

9.8 Flat Drop Toneable Gel Filled

Pushable Micro Drop 3MM

Supertap Male Female Optitap

Drawing 8 Fiber

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